The Wakatobi National Park

Do you understand that Indonesia has one of the most beauty place seabed paradise in the world The Wakatobi National Park, located in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, is a diving destination that is truly extraordinary and has become the passion of many seafloor lovers in the world.

Wangi-Wangi is the Mother of Wakatobi city so the gateway to this seabed paradise. Wakatobi Regency consists of 4 main islands, which are Wangiwangi, Kalidupa, Tomia, and Binongko. So, Wakatobi is an abbreviation for the name of the four main islands regarding such matter. Before 18 December 2003, the islands were said to be the Tukang Besi Islands and are still a component of Buton Regency.

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Natural Landscape

There is something interesting about the Natural Landscape in Nevada, which is about the Fly Geyser, which is a very good sight for us to purify with its beauty and also with its own elegance. This fly geyser itself has a very beautiful view with a color pattern found on the rock that has a colorful texture and also has a shower of water on the rock which can shoot hot water in an unspecified time. FLy Geyser itself has become a important destination that you must visit as long as you yourself are in Nevada.

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Natural Beauty Brings Peace

Gathering on the edge of the Natural Beauty beach, the park, the mountains or other open nature is believed to bring peace to all of you. For those of you who have lived long enough in the city and are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city with quite a lot of vehicles, quite a lot of pollution and hard to find green trees in the city.

A professor from Texas A & M University found that nature voice contributes quite a lot to one’s peace. This was done on several people who consulted him.

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The difficulties that face the earth’s water supplies are plenty of and growing quickly with population growth, industry expansion, and also the evolving stages of climatic change. We face numerous challenges within our effort to preserve, conserve, and recycle water sources. We can’t discuss ‘water conservation’ with regards to the future. Innovative solutions that address the problems of water pollution, natural restoration and conservation with economic benefits should be implemented now. therefore, we attempt to produce innovative grassroots programs that generate earnings through water upkeep, conservation, and restoration activities.