The Wakatobi National Park

The Wakatobi National Park

Do you understand that Indonesia has one of the most beauty place seabed paradise in the world The Wakatobi National Park, located in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, is a diving destination that is truly extraordinary and has become the passion of many seafloor lovers in the world.

Wangi-Wangi is the Mother of Wakatobi city so the gateway to this seabed paradise. Wakatobi Regency consists of 4 main islands, which are Wangiwangi, Kalidupa, Tomia, and Binongko. So, Wakatobi is an abbreviation for the name of the four main islands regarding such matter. Before 18 December 2003, the islands were said to be the Tukang Besi Islands and are still a component of Buton Regency.

The Wakatobi National Park Beautiful Place

The Wakatobi National Park

Astronomically, Wakatobi Regency is located south of the equator and a number of other places in Indonesia, Wakatobi has 2 periods, a rainy period and a dry period with a vulnerable temperature of 19-34 degrees celsius. The Wakatobi National Park, established in 1996, perfectly zone 1, 39 million hectares, concerns the diversity of marine biology and corals which occupy one of the highest priority positions of marine conservation in Indonesia.

1. Tomia Island

Here, you don’t need to worry about not being satisfied exploring the nature of the seabed, because there is a dive center along with a guide who wants to guide a marine tour. The expanse of coral reefs on Tomia Island can cover 1.2 kilometers with a healthy and well-maintained atmosphere of coral reefs as well as various kinds of colorful fish.

2. Hoga Island

Located east of Kaledupa Island, on Hoga Island you can dive while looking at 750 species of coral and various types of fish. Not only diving on the seabed, sitting on the edge of the sea with soft sand and shady coconut trees can also be a suitable activity in the evening. You can also create a portion of gazebo on the edge that sells fresh young coconut.

Wakatobi waters are located in the area of ​​”Coral Tri-Angle” or the area of ​​the triangle of coral reefs, is an area that has the highest diversity of coral reefs and other marine biological diversity in the world, which includes the Philippines, Indonesia to the Solomon Islands. The existence of 25 coral reef clusters and suitable depth creates waters in the Wakatobi Archipelago National Park which are suitable for various types of marine biota for living, creating sea watchers here has great beauty and conservation points.

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Specifically, the Wakatobi Archipelago National Yard is surrounded by the seaside of coral islands 600 kilometers away and serious potential seafront destinations for management are scattered throughout the Wakatobi region. So it is not without alibi if the seaside area in Wakatobi is seriously suitable for sightseeing such as diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing.