Natural Beauty in Berastagi Town

Natural Beauty in Berastagi Town

Natural Beauty in Berastagi Town – For those of you who want to travel to Berastagi, you must visit several locations nearby at Sumatera Utara – Indonesia. This beaturiful place is because Berastagi is the best tourist attraction in North Sumatra with many of the best advantages it offers.

In this article, we will provide information about which tourist areas in Berastagi offer the best beautiful panoramas. Let’s look together for your next destination for travelling.

List Of Good Destination of Natural Beauty in Berastagi

  • Kubu Hill

Kubu Hills is natural tourism with for play game judi slot mudah menang the best views that are still fresh and very suitable for families to do family tours. You can go around Kubu Hill by riding a wagon, playing kites and Slot games other activities around it.

  • Gundaling Hill

If you are looking for a tourist spot with the best and cool views, Gundaling Hill is the place to be. Here you can also find some of the best spots to be instragramable and make your vacation meaningful.

Natural Beauty in Berastagi Town

  • Sidebuk Debuk Baths

If you need a place for relaxation after walking in Berastagi, of course you can visit this one tourist spot. That is because the Sidebuk Debuk baths offer various places that you can use to relax by soaking and playing hot sulfur water here. 

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  • Lake Lau Kawar

Is one of the views with the best beautiful hills and clean lakes. Here you can also do camp and camp around the lau kawar lake which is still well maintained.

  • Sikulikap Waterfall

It is the only waterfall located in the middle of a tropical forest. Here you can also find various types of large rocks that surround this waterfall. The height of this waterfall reaches 30 meters which is also one of the highest waterfalls in Sumatra. Then this place is good and suitable for anyone to playing judi slot terbaru with Situs Judi Slot Terbaik Dan Terpercaya No 1